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Mini ITX in car stereo?

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  • Mini ITX in car stereo?

    I am new to this mini itx thing, however I build computers so know what I am doing in that respect.

    I would like to have a pc in the car, primarily for sat nav reasons. I had a thought of whether you could squeeze a mini itx system into a gutted out car radio/stereo using the mini snap in dc converter, a tiny hard disc, and tiny cd-rom? Any thoughts? If you couldn’t squeeze it in do you think you could squeeze in this new nano itx board in the same way when it finally comes out? I already have one of those 7” screens and they are great!

    Any feedback would be much appreciated



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    Maybe you could.... but there are cases that are 1 din, which is basically the size of a car stereo... why not use one of those with a slot-load dvd drive, and then you have it all....

    2005 Range Rover 4.4
    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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      careful though.. none of them are less than 10" deep
      few dashes are more than 8 ish


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        I was staring at my car stereo this morning, and I reckon its big enough. Mine is only the standard single height stereo (is that what 1 din means?)
        Also I think I have a bit of extra room behind the stereo if I need to spill out the back.

        I am wondering can you get a slot loading slim line laptop style cd or preferably dvd drive?

        Also does anyone know of anyone actually trying to do this whole idea? It seems quite logical that instead of cramming a pc in the glovebox or under the car seat, to put it in the stereo space, and use it instead of a car stereo.



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          search dude

          there are actually a few succesful installs like this

          it is the most logical way to do it, but also from a fabrication way one of the most difficult

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            I have just been scouring the net and it seems that panasonic make these slot load drives! Wow I am getting excited, does anyone else think it's a good idea for this pc inside a car stereo case? If you couple it with the 7" touch screen, then you can control the pc via the monitor. If I could squeeze in a usb radio, or even a pci radio, there is nothing that my current car stereo could do that this new car stereo pc could not!



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              Hi Lawrence...

              You are on to something: precisely what everyone here is on to!

              Seriously though, that is more or less the purpose of all Car PCs here... Basically the PC does all the things your radio can do + more, and it is cooler...

              Your going to have to give the whole thing a try though, and be prepared for failure.... get your stereo, rip it apart, then try to build the computer into it... if it works your a happy camper!

              You can also try some autosound stores, or other related shops for just a carcas of a car stereo?

              Finally, you can get an external USB fm radio... you can also get XM radio from my understadning in an external usb format...

              good luck!

              2005 Range Rover 4.4
              Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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                Buy an Audi TT, it'll make fitting everything in so much easier......

                But you will look like a hairdresser


                A million people can't be wrong, right?

                Well... unless they're all from the red states...


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                  You can fit a Nano board into a single din chasis for a radio, although you will not be satisfied with the sound quality of the board therefore you also will need a good sound card so there goes your single din. You can put a pci riser in and put it right over the mother board but by the time you clear your snap on power supply, your hit...
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                    Ok guys
                    I think the nano itx board would be the way to go, however have they actually been released yet - are they available to buy, or are they just being demoed at trade fairs?

                    If not could i squeeze a mini itx in there? i think the width of mini itx - 17cm (i think) is small enough to fit inside the width of the metal shell of the car stereo

                    Also one of you mentioned some people have already built one of these, and stated I should search this forum - i tried searching for car stereo but nothing came up - anyone have any ideas what to type in to reveal it in this forum so I can have a look at other efforts?



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                      Mate i built a fully ITXsystem and its sooooo much easier thanmessing about with PC sized things!!!
                      But..... Why cram it into your DIN slot?? my computer is much much loads smaller than a box of cereal - im gonna chuck it in the boot and put an in-dash monitor where the stereo used to be.
                      ITX also draws much less power! check out:

                      thats wherei sourced all my parts from.

                      Good Luck


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                        I think just taking DIN size radio case won't work. The best way is to build your own case or use already prebuilt case.
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