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  • Specs and critique please

    So i began my quest to install a new stereo in our scion xb (05)

    I suggested a carputer, the wife balked because she worries about it being twitchy.. So i looked for HU's...

    I wanted a multiple line satellite radio display (preferably all 3 at once, channel, song, artist)

    I wanted it to be double din (actually double din + 1/2 inch on either side) because single din looks goofy in a double din setup.

    I also kinda want gps navigation..

    So i researched.. And researched...
    I found 1 unit that I thought did what i wanted..

    kenwood ddx-7015 with some dashboard work..

    6.5" lcd screen, addon navcomp is available, sirius or xm (with the new xmdirect unit)..

    Then i saw what the actual satellite ui looked like..


    big giant blue box with random yellow text on it.. really awful..

    Normally that wouldn't mean much, but for a stereo/gps that's going to cost upwards of 1700 dollars, i kinda want it to not be awful looking..

    So i'm back at the carputer solution (with the wife's partial blessings)..

    She suggested a laptop, but the startup/shutdown sequencing seems like a hassle..

    What I want this thing to do in order of priority:


    So here's what i'm considering:
    Opus case with 90 watt opus (the one they sell here now).. It's 379.. Figure a casetronic 137(or 138, i forget, the tall one) is 155, and i'd need an opus PS (I think the 150 fits cleanly in the tall one). Sure i could get a carnetix, but they're sold out for a few weeks and i'm impatient.. heh.. So with the 150+ the casestronic, i'm right near the opus case price..

    mII10000 or MII120000
    512 megs of corsair (people keep telling me i need 256, but I need convincing i won't end up swapping to disc all the time)
    40 gig laptop drive
    Powered USB hub (of some sort running off the opus)
    Some sort of GPS Device
    Xenarc (Too many horror stories about the lilli's) powered off of the opus
    XmDirect with the mystery cable powered off of the car battery
    Some sort of slimline DVD drive

    Maybe odb2 if i can figure it out..

    Figure i'd run audio out of the via to 2 amps (one for the regular speakers, and one for the sub).

    That's about it.
    My questions are :

    Is that opus case decent? What's a better alternative?

    Am i going to run into any problems with this setup? Any pitfalls? Does that xenarc even fit into a double din dash? It seems a little tall and the buttons are attached to the board..

    I did the power calculators, but i'm not 100% clear if i did it correctly.

    Any way to constuct this more cheaply without sacrificing quality? No inverters, No sloppy setups.. I want clean power, good sound and stability..