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    Originally posted by stub004
    Just been checking out the xenarc site.

    I am a total newbie...just wondering if the xenarc pre-built carputers are any good? I know that for a lot of people on, half the fun is building the carputer etc, but i really suck at wiring, coding, DYI etc, id prefer one built for me so that i can just get on with listening to music.

    Are the Xenarc models worth looking at or are they ****? which one is the best for basic mp3 playback, and do they come with in built software, or do they run on a windows OS? Thanks
    It's just the hardware. They are perfectly capable of running nearly any OS that you want to load on them. Most people use Windows2000 or WindowsXP.
    The hardware is comparable to what a lot of users here are running (EPIA-based motherboards). Obviously the lower-end models (the CP-1000 with a 266mhz CPU) are going to be less capable than the higher-end units.

    P.S what is better, lilliput or xenarc LCDs?
    Search the forums on this one. You'll see that there have been users with liliputs that have failed out of the box or shortly thereafter. There are others that are perfectly happy with theirs.
    There seem to be fewer complaints in these forums about Xenarc screens.

    I heard that Liliput screens are pulled from old slot machines. I have no idea how true this is, though.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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