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sony cda-c750x hu aux input .. help..

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  • sony cda-c750x hu aux input .. help..

    hello all...

    I was trying to sent audio signal from me laptop to my HU(sony CDX-CA750X)
    in the back of my HU there a BUS Aux input but when I plug the laptop to that BUS input nothing happen... NO SOUND... Am I missing something??

    Am I suppost to hook it up some other way? I just want to be able to hear sound from the laptop through my HU so when I go on long trip I just plug and play..

    The lap top is mainly for long trip.. The Sony HU is my daily music provider.....

    any help would greatly be thanx...

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    Maybe I'm missing something. I coudn't find your model on the net. But are you sure it has an aux input? Maybe that BUS is from the cd changer connection...
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      See the thread below about the Sony Bus Aux-In workaround...this has just been hashed to death over the last several days. You need a Sony buslink aux-in box.


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        hello Jeepskate...

        I have read the entire thread below about the sony Buslink aux-in work around... the post is confusing 1st the guy want to hook up mp3 then he went on wanting a cd changer then people start talking about buslink then XA-30 on on on... I'm kindda slow the the head . I don't have a clue what is being said.. can some1 be generous engought to give me direction like

        go buy this.... hook it to this.. etc...


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          Simple. If you want to use USB, get an XA-300. If you don't care about USB and just running RCA's is fine, then for considerably less money get an XA-30 or XA-107 (fewer inputs).