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plan for carputer, does this sound like it should work?

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  • plan for carputer, does this sound like it should work?

    i have a p3 450 mhz, 128 megs of ram. going to upgrade to xp, and i plan on running it off of this inverter

    Im going to wire the inverter directly to the battery and have a switch to control it. I will be running only frodoplayer for mp3s and dvds, with a liliput touchscreen.

    should this run okay? im trying to spend the minimal amount of money here, since i just want mp3s and dvds, and my deck already plays mp3s.

    oh one more question. Is it hard to set up the touchscreen to interact with the PC? or does frodoplayer automatically set it up?

    thanks in advace.

    would this inverter be any better?

    it putts out 150 as opposed to the other one that puts out 300. 300 seems like a little bit much

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    anyone? Im new to this so i want to make sure it should work before i buy anything.


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      i have ... and it seems to me it might be able to survive the cran up the car...

      liliput has some quality control issue.... so i heard