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  • 2005 Mustang Gt

    Hello, this is my first post ever and I wanted to ask a couple of questions as to what I should do to make a great carputer. In about five months, I will purchase a base 2005 mustang GT. I was planning on putting a Kenwood Excelon Monitor/DVD/Radio player with Infinity Reference 5000cs speakers, two Rockford Fosgate RFP4408 subwoofers, AudioBahn A4004T Amps for my subs and speakers, and a self made computer with:
    1. Morex 2677B Mini-ITX Case
    2. Western Digital 80 gig Hard Drive
    3. 2x256 DDR 3200 Ram
    4. Toshiba 2.5” Laptop DVD 8x player
    5. VIA EPIA-V8000A 800MHZ motherboard
    I was thinking about putting a mouse in with the computer, but I figure I’d be better if I have my voice analyzer program installed, and have a mic running from the computer to somewhere near the steering wheel.

    Q. I wanted to know if the Kenwood monitor has a RGB input, so I can connect via monitor cable, or if I have to connect via RCA.
    Q. I wanted to know if the monitor also had an optical line in, so I can have an optical line coming out of the computer with an Audio Advantage Micro USB adaptor by Turtle Beach.

    I was thinking it would be better to have the Monitor/Receiver, because then I wouldn’t have to have an extra receiver in the glove. Problem is, I don’t if the monitor can support low graphics at all, so the picture of the desktop might even come out bad. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can make this set up better, please post back.

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    Search and find out for your particular headunit, but it'll at least have component video in and rca stereo in for audio. The only problem is that your car pc won't look very good on the screen compared to on a screen made for higher resolutions. If you havent already - check out some of the screens people use in the show off could cost less than a kenwood/etc unit in the long run and a carpc can still play dvds and do radio (little sketchy here - should be solved fairly soon tho.)

    Or since the new Mustang has a double-din slot you could put a flip up vga screen (check in the first, and a regular headunit below it to keep easy access to radio and cds. There are plenty of ways to make a great setup though so do whatever you think would be best for you.


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      when you get it, i want pics!
      My Carputer! (More Car Pics at the end)
      2 Kicker Comp 10"
      Epia M-9000, 256 MB DDR, 120 Gig HD
      Lilliput 7" VGA Touchscreen
      Check it out?!