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wohoo, grounded my mobo, noise went down

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  • wohoo, grounded my mobo, noise went down

    so. i have my ITPS and MOBO grounded to the same spot. and the noise went down, i still hear alternator whine.

    i only hear computer noise when volume is 20+ normal volume is 10 (loud volume already, 8-9 is more normal)

    anywho. what else can i ground? hehe

    that alternator whine is ****ing me off

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    Just curious if your amps or stereo are grounded to the same location... from your comment that volumes of 20+ you can't hear the altermator whine tells me that the noise is coming in after your carputer output... which leaves amp or stereo. My experience is that if you have your source (stereo or carputer) grounded to the same location as your amps, the chances of ground loops and noise is almost non-existant... of course, there are always the cases of amps and stereos with inferior circuitry... in which case, your stuck! lol Try running another ground between the two (if they are different) and see what happens... good luck!
    Coach... aka Randy! (I often forget who I really am!) ;)

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      yea. my head unit is stock, i have honda accord 2003 and i cant remove it w/o major changes.

      anywho. i guess ill just ground more stuff and see what happens. ehhehe