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  • What am i not doing?

    Hi All,

    Bought myself a Linitx 7" widescreen TFT and it looks great but i cant get the screen size right!

    I'm using my laptop VGA port to connect with it and the USB for the touch screen. The touch part is working ok ish but the screen size is oh so wrong.

    The screen seems to be still the same as my monitor so you have to the mouse to essentially move around the screen, its like you can only see approx 1/4 of the screen at any moment!

    i've gone into dislpay properties, settings, if i hoover over the No 2 screen it says 'Not active'

    clicking on the No1 display i go into adaptor settings. Here i can click on displays and set the monitor to 640x480 but there is no effect on the external screen?

    My laptop is a 'Fujitsu siemens Amilo D8820 P4 2.GHz-512MB-40Gb' running xp
    Graphic card is ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 With 64 MB ext Ram

    What am i missing? Its got to be something simple! This is my first Touch screen and i'm not the most PC minded bloke in world so i'll try anything!

    Hope my explanation is clear

    Thanks Mark

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      when you change the screen size to 640x480 does the primary screen on the laptop change? maybe try changing the resolution on the laptop without the touchscreen attached then after the change takes effect then attach the touchscreen.
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        well it improves but cant i have the laptop screen at one resolution and the additional screen at another

        The 'not active' message is wierd, dont no how i should activate it


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          Yeah but I doubt that the 2nd screen is the VGA connector it's probably the video out for hooking the laptop to a television.
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            On my laptop, I have an external VGA connector that needs to be 'activated' by clicking 2 keys on the keyboard. A function key and a CRT/LCD button. They are both secondary functions on the keys. As soon as I hit them, the external screen comes on. Try that, it may be the same for yours.
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              Well its definately a VGA port and i can switch each of the screens on and off etc by using my Fn + F3 buttons ( amasing what you find in the hand books that come with the Laptop) but i cant get the screen to fit the external monitor!

              Anybody else want to throw some ideas in the pot?



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                I have a dell laptop and the same type of Function-CRT key combination. It has THREE settings.

                1. The first time you hit FN-CRT it will display on BOTH your laptop LCD AND the External monitor.

                2. If you hit FN-CRT again, it will display ONLY on the external monitor.

                3. If you hit FN-CRT again, it will display ONLY on your laptop LCD.

                See if you can get it to the state described in number 2, above and set the desktop size in the Displays setting in the control panel.

                Also, check in the displays control panel under settings-->advanced and see if there aren't some settings for "sharing" the desktop across two monitors, or making one of the two monitors the "primary" monitor. In the attached, my laptop is in a docking station so there is only one monitor, but if I was connected to two monitors, I could set one of them as the primary monitor.
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                I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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