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  • How to power Carputer

    I am completely new to this forum so please ecuse my ignorance.

    I was curious how people power the carputer with the DC-DC power supplies. I know the easier way is to use a power inverter and just a standard AC power supply, but I keep reading about DC-DC power supplies. I looked at some pics of DC PS but there doesn't seem to be a three or two prong wall outlet. How are you guys power the carputer? Are you hardwiring the power?

    I did try searches but everyone seems to know what they're talking about so no one ever goes down to the "moronic" level of where the DC PS is hooked up to.

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    you hard wire it into the cars system

    there is absolutely no need for an inverter if you use a DC DC psu. You will be converting from DC to AC (from the car to the inverter) then from AC back to DC (inverter to the PSU). That's just unnecessary.

    As to where is a good place to pick up a 12v lead in your car....there are many places, you just have to pick which one if right for you!

    good question! keep 'em coming!
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      You connect a dc-dc power supply such as an opus, straight to the car battery. The power supply will automatically regulate the incomming power and ouput a clean 12v. You then connect the power supply to the motherboard just like a regular power supply.

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