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  • software install order

    Hi, I have acquired most parts for my carpc setup and now I am just waiting on the shut down controller to be available.

    The question is, in what order should I install all the stuff on my clean WinXP Pro SP2 so that everything will just works with each other without fiddling around with Windows?

    I am planning to install the following softwares/hardwares for my setup:

    Centrafuse (requires .NET 1.1?)
    Destinator3 1.13
    Holux GM210 USB GPS
    Billionton 100M Bluetooth dongle (Widcomm 3 compatible?)
    RadioXtreme USB FM (Radiator)
    Phonecontrol (.NET again)

    Also on a sidenote, since I have WINXP MCE2005 available with me, should I use this instead of XP Pro. What do ou guys think of the bootup speed and functionality of MCE compared to XP Pro? I am thinking I wont need all the features in XP Pro but I would not need MCE frontend (as I will use Centrafuse). Please.. help me to decide and setup my carpc.

    Thanks very much in advance!
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    anyone please help?
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      .NET 1.1 first.
      then the devices and then the s/w. be sure to use system restore before you install something (you can disable it after you finish) in case something goes wrong. unless you don't mind reinstalling win XP etc etc etc.


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        i installed media center xp 2005 initially, it worked great had a shorter boot-up time than windows xp... but later on, when i was having problems with installing my usb gps, i thought xp media center was causing the problem so i installed just normal xp professional. I do have a slightly longer boot time (unnoticable), plus if you disable the unnecessary services you can get a quicker boot time. if you dont want the media center interface, u dont need mce...


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          Thanks alot guys, points taken. Really appreciated your advises.

          Looks like MCE2005 will not suit my setup then.
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