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A few quick questions (screen/power)

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  • A few quick questions (screen/power)

    Hi All,

    I am a new member to these forums although I have been browsing them for a few days now. I am going to be setting up my desktop PC into the Car soon but I need a few pointers for a few things.

    #1 is the inevitable power problem. I can't seem to source a 12v DC-DC power supply in Australia, and the one I did find was almost $400 AUS. I am inclined to use a 300W Pure Sine Wave inverter, assuming it will keep my PC alive in STR (S3) without needed a reboot (I just read that someone has accomplished this in another thread so hopefully he wasn't just lucky)

    The advantage to using an inverter is I can squeeze the XBOX in the boot with the PC as well so I could switch the XBOX on and play Halo2..

    My question is where do I find Dc-DC power supplies (OPUS, Micro Orbit are the 2 I have read about) and how much do they cost?

    Also I am considering a 8" Lilliput Touch Screen, but I have read that Xenarc are a better screen.. Why are they better (if they are, and I don't mean to start a flaming war) and again where can I source these in Australia. I can definately source a 8" lilliput from eBay, at just over $400 AUS.

    Cheers for your help,


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    For the PSUs try They have a dealer in Australia too...
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      I do not know how much it cost to have it exported and shipped to Australia but they sell both Opus and Lilliputs and Xenarcs here on this site

      From what i have seen in other forums be wary of the Lilliput form ebay, they tend to have problems and I have heard the support from the ebay sellers is not so good

      hope this helps
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        damn that was a quick reply...

        Are they worth it against an inverter??



        edit: Yeah the Corrospec dealer is who i found the other day.. is that a reasonable price for the PSU? Also the lilliput is not much more expensive from mp3car so I'll probably end up getting from here anyway


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          Originally posted by FLESIK

          Are they worth it against an inverter??

          Renault Megane...the OEM look

          The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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            Another question I forgot to ask is about the software.. I assume most people here are running some form of Windows, but do you run one program that control the GPS/Audio/Navigation etc or multiple programs??

            I will probably end up making my own frontend as I need it to do other things but I would like to try some of the other programs as well.

            Where do I get the software, and is the GPS/Navigation software available compatible with Australian Maps??

            Cheers All,



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              in regards to your question about lilliput vs. xenarc.... i thought you said you had been reading these forums for a few days. look in the Displays section, or do a search, Titles Only for `lilliput xenarc` and youll find LOTS of info.

              for software, you might want to look in the Software section (i know it seems strange, but trust me on this one). Under the Frontends section, there is a list of the major frontends that people are using. youll find all kinds of different opinions on each one, as well as features, bugs, etc. this one is more of a personal preference or support for certain features that you want.

              welcome to the forums!

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