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Question on good MB for suspend modes.

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  • Question on good MB for suspend modes.

    Hello everyone,

    Just looking into the concept of building a carputer. I've got a friend with some reallly neat ideas for control, and I've got some questions. Been reading the boards for a couple days, and searching to find answers. Here's one I can't get a hold of.

    We need a Motherboard (preferably AMD, but the via C3 is fine too) that has good suspend modes. I know from reading the forums that a good number of MB's don't have suspend modes that work well. We would prefer a Nforce based solution, as the audio system is decent. BioStar, MSI, ASrock, whatever you have good experience with.

    Additionally, what is your experience with Mobile AMD? I've heard of the hardware hack (a piece of copper wire from one pin to another), but that's too time consuming if we are doing 5 of these at a time.

    I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.