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Daihatsu G11 : where to put the car-pc ??

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  • Daihatsu G11 : where to put the car-pc ??

    hi i own a daihatsu g11 . it's a compact car so space is very limited . cannot put anything under the seat , the dashboard is filled with electronic stuff , .

    so that leave me the rear boot . at the left , have a 10" subwoofer . i only have two option here . use the spare tire compartment , and just the other side of the boot wall (still close to the subwoofer) .

    if i terminate the spare tire , what if my tire just pop ! then don't have any spare tyre .

    and my dvd-rom and fan controller is located at the dashboard ..

    my original dashboard

    my diy custom dashboard . haven't finish yet .
    Daihatsu Charade G11R Turbo

    I paying my roadtax , car , bike , life insurances , telephone bills , house premium , grocery , anything i pay monthly . But what did i get ? I EARN AND GET EVERYTHING !

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    Show us pics of the interior.
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