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  • Customizing Bios

    I've noticed on here that lots of people have a computer interface that says their cars manufacturer like
    that one and I was wondering now that would work exactly or a place where U can get it for my mazda 3.

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    Im not seeing any thing to do with the bios on that page. Im going to assume your talking about the shell.
    look here
    now working on my Dodge Dak
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    audigy2 NX == done
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      I meant how he got the toyota logo onto that screen. Very cool.


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        Originally posted by CraZyItalian041
        I meant how he got the toyota logo onto that screen. Very cool.
        The software frontend is Mediacar. The logos are an add-in images to the excellent BMW skin made by febsperanza. His website had logos for just about every manufacturer available.

        See this thread:

        And his homepage for downloads.
        Project F.T.P.C.


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          Thats awesome, I still have to figure out where the heck I want everything to go in my Mazda 3... Very difficult for me... If anyone has any ideas lemme know. Only problwm is I like the factory dash and radio layout/setup and the only place I wanna put a monitor or anything would be where the GPS usually would go. I duno I need ideas I guess.