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Parallel Opus?

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  • Parallel Opus?

    Is it possible to run two Opus 150's together to get the combined juice?

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    Originally posted by LeoTheHamster
    Is it possible to run two Opus 150's together to get the combined juice?
    It's possible, but htere are timing issues.

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      How about an opus with a different dc-dc PS w/o a startup/shutdown controller?

      I'm very curious about this because there's no way that I can get around the 150watt mark with my mATX setup.
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        you may want to read this thread, it may give you some ideas....

        There are some 250w dc-dc psu's that we've found, but you'll need a shutdown controller
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          You could run the two OPUSes together, as long as you are not using them to power the motherboard. You can use them to power seperate devices, i.e. OPUS 1 for the motherboard, and all the peripherals plugged into it, like video card, sound card, other PCI components. The second one can run the IDE components, and all the other peripherals.
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