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Multichannel Soundcard question

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  • Multichannel Soundcard question

    Hi, I post here because it's my first time in this board,
    I'm from Venice, in Italy, and I'm building my own carpc...
    I want to remove my car stereo, so I'll use a multichannel PCI soundcard like Audigy2 zs or Terratec Aureon 7.1 space to drive the front, the rear and the sub channels.
    I'll be very happy if I can configure manually the output on each channel, is it possible?

    I'll try to explain betterexuse me for my english... )
    Listening to music (for playing dvd I don't really care so much...)can I configure the "Front" channels on the sound card to use them on tweeters and the "lateral" channels to use them on the woofers (doing it i can also change the lag in ms of each speaker, so i can set up the audio scene as i want), the rear channels can stay as they are because I'll put only one speaker for each rear door.

    thanks for the answers!

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    I think it would be up to your speaker system in the car. I know from my own experience with boston acoustics, this is the case since they use crossovers and therefore all hook up separately. This is just one part of the equation though. Unfortuantely for the second part, at least for me, I noticed that you need an amp that specifically has rca connections for your separate speakers. Looking at mine, I only have L/R for front/rear, but if you can find an amp that does hat you're asking, it should work.


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      I've got the audigy 2 on my proper work PC and the creative utility doesn't allow anything that defined though it has setup for the 5.1 etc... I would reckon you are best driving a four channel amp front/rear and the .1 for the sub(s) and then using the audigy utils for the actual car setup for ms delay etc.

      You might be better having a good look around the ICe forum on here and search for the sound card and the settings you want within there though.

      Hope this helps

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        I've but I still have doubts...
        for "frequency cuts" i can of course use the amps settings (since I have 4 amps to drive a 7+1 system...)or a passive crossover, but if I just plug front R+L channels on Tweeters and lateral R+L to midwoofers, i think i will lose the low frequencies of front channels and high frequencies on lateral channels...
        in other words, at the end my system will be a 5+1, with the front L+R channels split in two ways to set up different time delays for each speaker...

        I only don't find anywhere if I can "tell" to front and lateral speakers to "sound" the same but with different delays for every channel...


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          ahaha it's a quarter to six am in the usa???

          here is a quarter to midday ...nice_!


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            this may help you:


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              very interesting!!! it seems to be just what i want...
              but it's only for the creative, do you know if there's something similar also for terratec aueron soundcards (they are Envy-24 htt based soundcards), anyway they say that the Audigy2 zs is not fully-supported yet, so I have to search something else....


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                no idea about the terratec but one would suspect that terratec offer a pretty good control software.

                The KX stuff only works for PCI cards.

                There are some other USB2 soundcards like the terratec that are designed for more professional music stuff. Try looking at music equipment stores not PC stores for that kind of thing. I remember seeing one that is 7.1 and looks just like the terratec and has RCA outputs etc. there are soem links on here somewhere, do a search on usb soundcards. The thread should only be a couple of months old.