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Woot! Fab ideas needed for Mitsu Mirage 01.

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  • Woot! Fab ideas needed for Mitsu Mirage 01.'s the deal. The carputer is mostly are sitting in a shoebox and everything turns on and works. The next thing is making it look pretty...which means it's fabrication time.

    Only problem with that is there's not much space in the Mirage interior to put a 7.5" screen. Right now it's sitting in between the driver and passenger seats, wedged between the passenger seat and the center console. He's a pic of a clean Mirage interior:

    With very little (like none) experience in the way of fiberglassing, but much enthusiasm and a willingness to screw up, where would you place the 7.5"+ LCD?

    (LCD display size. Sorry, that was the biggest photo I could find.)

    Thoughts, comments and questions welcomed!

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    Is the bezel really that huge on that monitor? It's like twice the size of the actual visible screen!

    Anyway, it's a Mitsubishi, stick it where the head unit and that cubby hole underneath it is. That's a perfect place for it.

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      Yes, the bezel is huge! Look to about 1" on the left, right and top and about 2"+ to the bottom of the screen where the speakers are! I haven't had the opportunity yet to take the thing apart and see what the innards look like. The dimensions are a rough estimate also, seeing as it's 3:40am and I'm too damn lazy to walk downstairs into my car and measure the darned thing.

      As for the head unit, I do plan on actually keeping the thing, seeing as I'd like radio options also. The USB FM transmitter is pretty bad (Frys, >$15), but it's the only thing I've got to get the sound from the computer to the car (which means I don't have an amp right now, nor the money to buy one!)

      The provided interior is a Japanese model Mirage, but directly under the vents is the clock, rear defrost and a/c button. Below those, in the area where it looks like some small car LCD is the actual a/c switches for heat and stuff.

      How difficult would it be to reroute the buttons for the a/c, rear defrost, etc given the fact that the only thing I know how to do as of late is to remove the stereo panel bezel? Would that be a major overhaul? I was thinking of ditching the vents.


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