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I hate newbie threads ......but

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  • I hate newbie threads ......but

    Guys, I hate asking Newbie questions but, Iím new to Car pcís and I have a question.

    Iím putting together the plan for my Car PC and Iíd like some input.

    The car is a GMC Yukon. I want a pc to have GPS mapping, DVD playability, Mobile internet, and OBD capability as well. Iím replacing the head unit w/ an alpine CD, player (for Sirius). Iím planning to play the pc thru the head unit.

    As of now the plan is. Epia M1000. main board. Mounted in a mini ITX box. Laptop Slot loaded dvd in the case as well. Opus DC power supply.Xenarc 7in touch-screen.

    The questions are. What GPS program works best in the US? How do I connect it to the pc?

    How do I get internet connectivity? What additional hardware do I need?

    Thanks for your help!!!

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    check out routis and destinator they are the most common GPS also iguidence and copilot. there is a gps forum and you will be able to see what the major differences in the software are and which one is right for you.

    For internet you can use your cell phone or wifi the later only working when you are in a hotspot check out the wireless communications forum
    My Install

    CFiG v1
    iGuidance Plugin for CF

    Working shell for a CarPC

    StopWatch plugin remade for centrafuse RC1