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  • IDE assistance, please

    Making a little more progress in acquiring the pieces for my JeePCJ-7. I've got one of those little DIN-size Casetronic Travla cases (C134) and just got an EPIA-V800 for it. I've got a laptop DVD drive with an IDE converter on it and a laptop hard drive. Here's my issue: the motherboard has a single IDE connector and the laptop drive connector that came with the case only has provisions for plugging into the drive and into the additional connector for the DVD to plug into. Does someone make a conversion cable that has a second IDE connector or a female IDE to two male IDE 'splitter' that plugs into the mobo? I'm assuming other people have overcome this hurdle? The case is too small to use a 'normal' laptop to IDE converter without removing the case fan. Thanks.

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    I am assuming it has USB? convert the DVD to USB, that should solve the problem
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      Ahhh...slick...I didn't even think of that. Thank you.


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        Hmmm...looks like there's two versions of this mobo. The one I have and then another that has video out and a second IDE header instead of the floppy header. I think I'll just buy the other board and use the one I have for a Remote Desktop terminal for one of my customers.


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          All set. I used the first mobo for one of my customers and bought the other mobo...finished the base XP install this morning before I left for work. Just gotta get a power supply (thinking M1-ATX, possibly Carnetix) and 7" touchscreen LCD, patch XP, and strip it down with XP Lite.


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            great to see it worked out for you ! Keep in mind the carnetix is a DC-DC shutdown controller... at least the 1260 model is... I dont know of them making a power supply.
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              Gotcha...used the wrong terminology. The power supply in my case is compatible with the Carnetix controller, but with the pricing so close, it's tempting to buy the M1-ATX and make a couple bucks back reselling the current power I'm running out of places to stash components...not much room in a Jeep.