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    I looked around a bit and did not see much other then what I posted about weather and drives.
    I have a Removable Drive (
    I was curious if anybody has used anything like this in a Carputer application and what the opinions are on the Idea.

    I am thinking of doing a solid state Flash memory card as primary drive and the removable as a 2nd I have not got any specific stuff picked out other then the removable hard drive bay. My idea was to install it under my flip up arm rest/console similar to I am mostly looking for opinions. Thanks in advance.

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    Yeah, quiet a few people have used that, much easier to update your directory.
    I use MediaEngine and just tell it to update from //biohazrd/media/
    So when I have new music or TV shows or Movies filed away. I just park, get a wireless signal and hit Sync Now.
    That should be fine though. Quite a few people use flash OS driven carputers. I would go with a CF to IDE adapter with a 1GB CF card, you might be able to get it down to 512 if you really cutdown on fat. Make sure to disable virtual ram on the CF device.
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      Yes have a look in the Operating System Optimization section in Software Development, you can use EWF and minlogon (plus nLite) to make a V.small fast starting solid state Windows XP install.

      To be honest that drive enclosure is something out the arc though... My preferred option would be to use something like this: if you have USB2 and then dock it like an iPod if you see what I mean - even better if you invested in a 2.5" drive and enclosure then it's actually pocketable.
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