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  • new car: ready for PC

    I bought a 96 Nissan 240SX just before Christmas. This is the car Ive been waiting for. In addition to performance upgrades, its getting a PC.

    I plan to start with the setup in my sig. I need to get my PSOne screen working, but I'm saving for a 'real' VGA monitor. I'll probably start with a inverter and eventually pick up an Opus. Once I have the LCD and Opus, I'll go for a better mobo/CPU (M10000 or AMD mATX board) and start adding more features. I really want to flush mount the LCD in the dash, but I'm kinda scared cause I have to park the car outside. I'm considering a fold-out screen for this reason.

    Here's a pic of the dash and a pic of the backseat/trunk. I plan to mount the PC in the trunk pass-thru. Its 8" deep and 8" tall. A nice fit for the mini-ITX, but a tight squeeze for a mATX board.

    There is so much info on this board, I promise to spend a few weeks reading before posting my rookie questions.
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    Nice, that HU is just waiting to get replaced by a screen!
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      Originally posted by Cris
      Nice, that HU is just waiting to get replaced by a screen!
      Nah... the HU is waiting to be replaced by the A/C controls

      Good to finally see an unmolested 240sx
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        Go for the flush mount screen once you get the VGA... ***** happens and there's nothing you can do about it. If it's flush then at least the theives will think it's a pain in the arse to remove.
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          I would be very interested to see how this progresses. I bought a S14A 200SX (UK spec 240SX) last year and am now planning on hooking up an old PC I have lying around. I was thinking about flush mounting my screen in place of the HU so would love to see how yours works out. Make sure you update this thread as you go.


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            I say go flush. Will alot cleaner and then try to fab some type of sliding cover similar to the 350z. Oh yea. welcome to the nissan family
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              Thanks for the replies.

              Flush LCD with a cover sounds do-able. I'll have to look into that. I came across a Supra with a Xenarc mounted in the double-din slot. It required a minimal amount of trimming. My HU unit is missing the power/volume knob so its virtually useless. The radio will come on when I insert a CD though. I just cant turn down the volume. LOL!

              SL25, you got the nice turbo with 65 more hp! I'll keep you updated as I make progress. I should have my website up in the next week or so.
              My first carPC!
              MP3/CD player
              Celeron 633MHz - 10GB Seagate - 64MB PC100 - Win XP

              Soon to actually find its way into the car!


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                Looks like a good car to mod, looking forward to hear about your progress.
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                  Holy Thread resurection!

                  Any updates?
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                    i dont think YOU can comment on it being a resurrection, if your the one who resurrected it,


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                      this is... more han 18 months old dude...
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