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    currently i have a VIA M10000 with 512 ram.
    I have an Alpine CDA 9831 headunit with AUX input connected to RCA going to the onboard sound card of the VIA.
    I have stock speakers and no subs.

    I plan on getting good front and back speakers along with one small subwoofer.

    I want very good sound quality. Should i get a better sound card and run amps? OR.......

    Should i not get a sound card and use the SPDIF on the VIA and run it to an amp like the Phoenix Gold RM5.1????

    Which is the better way to go? Thanks

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    if youre looking for sound quality, obviously the SPDIF route is the way to go. in that setup, its more a case of worrying about your amp/speakers than the soundcard since its all going to be a straight digitial stream up to the amp.
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      thanks Vchat20,
      Looking at the specs of the Phoenix Gold RM5.1, it seems like it isn't too powerful.
      Are there any other amps that can take SPDIF and push good power?