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    i recently bought and hp e-pc and also a datalux 10.4" screen. I have tried the screen on my other computer and it works, so i know that the screen works. But when i hook it up to my hp e-pc nothing comes up. Can anyone help me with this problem. I really have no idea, some have said its the graphics card in the pc, but if thats the problem, i've heard that you can't change the graphics card in it.

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    is this even at post or just in the OS that you dont get a signal?
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      on one computer i get picture at post but no at the os screen and on the other i get no picture at all.


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        I got a datalux 10.4 also - I ran into that problem with
        onboard video - I read some ware that the OLD datalux 10.4
        monitors needed 5v sync signals or something - grab some
        old video cards and try them - it worked for me
        I used a PCI ATI video card like a Rage Pro

        or have a look here

        and here


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          i had to the same probelm with my screen. i found out some smaller screens dont out put enuf signal to the mobo for it to enable the tv out..
          what u can is use a 75ohm video cable. or what i had to do was use an s-video cable in the back of the mobo and then get a svid->rca converter and use the rca soccet in the back of the screen and it worked.
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