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Running OS on a Disk-On-Chip

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  • Running OS on a Disk-On-Chip

    I have a pc-104 (x86, 256 MB SDRam, and 1GB Disk-on-Chip). Is it possible to run any of the frontend software on such limited hardware?

    The media files would be stored externally (either on a usb, firewire or ethernet drive) but the computer would have to boot and run from the 1 GB Disk-On-Chip. Do these programs use linux or windows to run?


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    DiskOnChip is a FLASH based storage unit, meaning it has a finite number of writes to the disk. With this said, you could possibly get any os up and running on it, as long as it isnt constantly writing to the disk(ie swap files, where the OS is constantly swapping data on RAM to the disk and vica versa). I know it has been done on flash devices before(search the fourm) but i do not know about the life of these drives.
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      You could run linux on that hardware without any problems. What processor is on the SBC? If it's PXA based, you'll need to cross compile DashPC for that processor. If it's PXA270, I think linux is your only option. Microsoft wince isn't completely ported to PXA270 yet. I have no idea when they'll support that processor, considering how new it is.

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        Go here: for my instructions on how to set up XP to run on flash (only the EWF part is necessary to write protect the volume). As far as frontends, that's another story. I actually haven't used any of the frontends, but I've heard of problems with some assuming where files are going to be, etc. You'll have to experiment.
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