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Wow! First installed carputer

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  • Wow! First installed carputer

    I just finished working on my carputer. I'm using a 2 channel amp for my front speakers and a mono amp for my sub (no back speakers), I have an inverter I bought from wal-mart for $45 and it survives cranking! (It could be becasue I have an extra battery in the back though) The cheapest lcd tft touchscreen with vga input I could fine seems perfect/better than I could've thought! It is the Tview I bought it off of CMT Trading on ebay and it arrived within 5 days. There is a relative bit of ground noise in my speakers but its hardly noticable unless I try to listen for it... and I haven't even routed the wiring yet! It's all just thrown in my car to test things out before I start the finishing touches.

    I was wondering, what frontend do you guys prefer? I need one with search capabilities and an onscreen keyboard for that, and preferably one that displayed album art for folders when I'm browsing the full cds and such....

    Also, what do you guys use to clean your touchscreens? Are there chemcials I should stay away from? (like window cleaners that contain amonoia)...

    Wow, so happy!

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    Frodo Player 4 me, i even use on my home PC,
    Post some pics of ur Install in the Show off your ride, (or have u already?)
    Glad to here its all goin O.K
    Still Planning and Scavenging Parts ------Software-----and anything else i can lay my hands on!!! :)

    Acquired a Toshiba Satelite 4000CDT
    HDD`s ****ed new one on way! 30gb Toshiba.


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      FrodoPlayer for me too.

      I just use windex, or any other glass cleaner.

      [email protected]