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Any late model mustang modders here?

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  • Any late model mustang modders here?

    I'm currently putting a PC into my 04 mustang vert and was wondering if anyone is currently sharing my situation. If so then please post ideas/results/concerns. I would appreciate it because I am just getting started and would like to gather all the info I can before I start this shiz. Thanks!


    **** alliteration, the title was unintentional

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    Oh yeah, I have a stupid mach 460 that I have to contend with. While I really enjoy the sound, it's just going to add frustration when I remove the head unit. Flame away!


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      so don't just remove the headunit, remove it all, all teh speakers, factory amp, will get better sound if you do that in the first place and replace it with at least half way decent

      btw - have you checked the finished/unfinished projects forum for your same car? might be a better place to start looking.
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      Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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        dynomat the under side of the hood and the firewall. You can also put it on the floor under the carpet/rubber mat along the firewall. Also, dynomat the area above the mufflers. You will be amazed how quiet it can get by doing those things. Can't wait to see how the project goes in that beast!

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          as long as you are willing to deal with the extra weight that is added by the mat, go for it, but be warned that it's next to impossible to remove once it's been on there

          in our truck (the supercharged R/T) there is over 200 sq. ft. of mat...that's a lot of weight. It was all put in before the supercharger went, we're wishing we didn't have so much in there, but then again, with how loud the exhaust's worth it at

          remember in general every 100 lbs = a tenth in the quater mile as far as times....

          but, if that doesn't bother you, then go for it!
          Jan Bennett
          FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

          Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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            Yeah, I've checked out the finished productsand have gotten couple ideas as far as LCD placement. ALot of the pictures are now broken links, so that's kind of a B. I'm going to keep the speakers and get rid of the head unit because of current cost constraints. I've heard from people that the sound gotten from the existing speakers is pretty good, so i'm going into this with hope.


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              Hey whats up? Cool I've found another Mustang owner to go throught this with I have an 05 Mustang on order and am planning a Car-PC for it. Mine will have the Shaker 1000 from the factory so im planning on leaving the head unit and factory system if possible. Just cant get a good pic of the interior of one to see options for mountin the touchscreen. BTW I am a COMPLETE newb at this. I have a little PC experience and eletronics knowledge but that is about it.

              As soon as I get it im going to start posting more info on the project. Just wish the damn thing would get here!!

              Im looking foward to seeing your install. I know our cars are different but im sure some things will be the same.


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                glad to hear you're in the game now too. SHoudn't be too bad if you're not removing the head unit. Basicall i'm going to do exactly what this guy did:

                seems doable


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                  2001 V6er here!

                  My Mustang Page

                  And if you are interested in removing the head unit completely and tapping into your Mach 460 stock system, I did it and check up my write up:


                  And here's the brief of it:
                  Computer Speaker Out -> 1/8" to stereo RCA cables.

                  2 Female-to-Dual Male RCA adapters. Now have RCA1 and RCA2.

                  Run RCA1 (tweeters) into a 200W or so 2 channel AMP. Connect directly to the tweeter LF+/-,LR+/-,RF+/-,RR+/- on the Metra Harness since it is an amplified signal from the computer. (I originally had high pass filters on this signal but they took too much away from the mid channel. Sounds much better without them)

                  Plug RCA2 (subs) into a Hi-Lo Line Out converter then into the RCA inputs of the Metra Harness using low pass filters. You may need to do some stereo back to RCA wiring depending on the Hi-Lo Line Out converter.

                  At this point you can directly plug in the Metra Harness to your radio and you should be set.

                  Useful links:

                  Hi-Lo Converters (I used the first one)

                  METRA 70-5519 Harness - $18

                  Low-pass crossover for your subs
                  Go to Parts Express and search for “FMOD”. I used 50Hz ones.


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                    ^^^That sounds complicated. I think there is a website out there that sells the inferface adapter for a aftermarket headunit here it is.
                    now you only need a aftermarket headunit that has a rca input and/or aux port heheh good luck everyone with 94+ mustang
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                      2000 V6'er. I have a monitor and PS2 in my car, but that's about all I've put in. I'm rewiring my entire setup this week with amp/sub and bypassing the factory amplifier/speaker cables. Going to get rid of my spare, but now I have to figure out what to do with that space in the trunk. I'm thinking about putting some plywood over it, and then making a small door that will access the spare tire well.
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                        Glad to see this stuff. I just installed a Polk Audio speaker system (2-10"'s, Mono Amp for the subs, 4 channel amp for the Polk component door speakers and rear tray speakers) plus a Clarion 935VD headunit. Then i found this site and it made me realize that I can't really hook up a carputer to the Clarion, so I'm going to sell the Clarion and make a carputer. Going for the motorized monitor setup, so we'll see how that goes. Keep the picts coming, it gives me great ideas!
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