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running pc off stand-alone battery + solar panel

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  • running pc off stand-alone battery + solar panel

    ok i dont know what the difference in wattage consumed between an epia mobo and a p4 2.8ghz desktop style carputer is but i can prabably assume that mine will suck about twice the power....

    here is what im looking for...
    ok a standard laptop for instance, when you close the screen the laptop stays "on" in a suspend mode or something.... now i'd like to have this in my car so that when i go to jump in it i can just hit a key on the keyboard or button on the remote so that the computer comes out of suspend mode and into windows... therefore i dont have to wait a few minutes for it to boot up.

    so i was thinking maybe i can have the computer running off the battery when the car is parked, with a solar panel in my sunroof to keep charge in the battery so it doesnt die.

    do you think a keyboard-sized solar panel would support the power-loss from the computer being in supsend mode?

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    What if its nighttime?
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      in order to have a solar panel that's going to get enough juice to your battery it's going to take a fairly large solar panel...=]

      since you are new, I guess we should go easy on you...

      I hate to burst your bubble, but you aren't the first person to think of this.....there have been a few posts about this already....ESPECIALLY the suspend thing.....

      a solar panel the size you are talking about will do a trickel charge at best (2A), not sure about being able to keep up with the demands of a full sized computer there

      here's a suggestion....
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        Sorry dude. Most commercially available solar panels can only supply milliwatts of power, where your PC would be drawing watts. It would be like trying to refill a watertank with a drinking straw as the water runs out a sewer pipe.
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          I doubt a keybaord sized panel will be able to poweer your Pc in suspend becasue it would have to power the inverter and then the standby line on the PSU. If you had a DC-DC psu then possibly but you need to look up the 5vsb (5v standby) current and make sure you casn supply the power needed after accoutning for losses. I would say you need to be able to at least double it at the solar panel end to achieve this.

          a better way would be to produce a solar panal and tank circuit (using a wheelchair gel battery or summit) that provided the 5vsb when the computer was off. For this you could then charge the cell when the PC was running using the solar panel (and also maybe the computer PSU but that is getting complicated) and then when the PC is off you need the tank to immediately start supplying power to the 5vsb - or preferably a little bit before to prevent data corruption if you ar eplanning on using standby. You could possibly do this using a usb line if the PC shuts down usb before turning off. I notice that my M$ mouse LED turns off before windows does.

          EDIT: if wiring a solar panelt o your Pc 5vsb you need a regualtor as solar panels do not give a clean output and can spike.

          EDIT2: sorry, not reading post correctly as doing it on the sly in work. Didn't notice you already suggested the battery as well. but the issues about acivating it and the regulation are things to think about.


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            I believe the battery will somewhat regulate the power. If it surges to, say 16 volts, the battery will absorb it. I may be wrong though but I think it would work similar to a large capacitor.


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              search for some solar panels for RV's that should sort you, they even have regulators etc avail to help out and the output from these panels is surprisingly good and is in the Watts band (now if only i could find the linky...)

              if you use a good DC/DC power supply you could definetly augment the car battery with the solar panel
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                my question are you going to mount it so that it doesn't look 100% GHETTO!?

                I'm going to laugh my *** off if you just stick that thing to your roof.....hehehehe
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                Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                  Originally posted by Red GTi VR6
                  I'm going to laugh my *** off if you just stick that thing to your roof.....hehehehe
                  Hmmmmmmm... carbon fiber ... roof?
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                    Search on term: "Solar". You'll be surprised at the number of threads on this topic.
                    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
                    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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