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How to test Car LCD Monitor at home?

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  • How to test Car LCD Monitor at home?

    I just purchased a motorized in-dash LCD Monitor from Ebay, and I was wondering if it is possible to test this unit out at home? If so, how would I go about it? Thanks.

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    you co7uld wire a cig plug to it and use a 110-12v adapter or
    you could use a car batt-charger(have never used it on anything a sensitve as a screen though)


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      Originally posted by yonu
      you co7uld wire a cig plug to it and use a 110-12v adapter or
      you could use a car batt-charger(have never used it on anything a sensitve as a screen though)
      i wouldnt use a car batt charger there not very stable
      just find a 12v Regulator and use that
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        Car charger is not recommended, it's not stablized, its DC, but thats all..

        I suggest to get a generic powersupply at your local electronics shop, e.g. the ones used for CB radio's. They can give 3-5A for the easiest model.

        I myself have a regulated powersupply, since i'm much working with various products. Its adjustable from 3-20V, up to 10A. However, thats quite expensive just to test your screen.

        Cheapest way to test your screen: Use the 12V from your computer, or use an old AT powersupply.
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          just get a molex V lead from a PC/electronics shop and wire up to your PC PSU. Use a female ciggy lighter socket or make your own lead with a new connector like the one on your screen. Jsut make sure you get the right polarity.


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            I also have a 12 volt regulated power supply but that's gonna run you around $70. I have also used one of these portable car jump starters that has a little 12 volt battery in it on one side and an air pump on the other. Conveniently, it has a cigarette lighter socket in it as well. I think those are a bit cheaper and who knows, maybe it will come in handy jumping the car one of these days.
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              Why not use the stable 12V from the PC PSU drive connector?
              +12V is yellow and - is black. Red is +5V and you don't need it.
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                i took the easy way out when my screen arrived (ebay).

                popped the hood, wrapped the wires around the battery leads directly (my leads had inline fuse).

                plugged the screen into the laptop and watched it come to life.

                as far as the power supply suggestions, you "can" steal power from a computer power supply.

                How to get power from inside PC

                Disk drive connector
                Normal floppy disk and hard disk drives use normally +12V and +5V power supplies, so spare disk drive power connector is very useful if you need those voltages for your own projects which you fit inside PC (for example extra fan for better cooling). Typically you can take up to few amperes of power form the disk drive power connector (remember not to exceed the total power rating of the PC power supply when you start taking extra power for your circuits).

                Here is the power connector pinout when you look the CEE-type connector on the drive back:

                / \
                |1 2 3 4 |

                Pin Function

                1 +5 V
                2 Ground
                3 Ground
                4 +12 V

                by the time you go down and get a plug and make a pigtail, you will probably end up just hooking up to your battery.
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                  Another way is to take a power supply for most eletronic components like your laptop, and splice the wires after the "little black box". Most components run off of 12Vdc instead of 120vac, so you can use any of those power supplies, or most of them. The black box you plug into the wall normally outputs 12V, and it will say the voltage out put. You normally don't have to cut the wires, but just split them and strip it off to connect the wires to. And then just tape them up when your done. PLEASE check which one is positive and negative before you splice it in. Thats the way I run some twelve volt things, specifically my PC when I need to work on it in the house instead of sitting in the car for hours and killing myself with fumes in the garage. Plus it creeps the neigbors out.
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