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8" Lilliput screen help please!!

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  • 8" Lilliput screen help please!!

    Hey guys, first day so i havent browsed too much. Im cfree from SRTforums, but im comin over here to see if you guys can give me a little help.

    My friend bought the 8" Lilliput screen for his Trooper.. and it just came in today. Were trying to get a display on it before we actually install it, just to make sure everythings working ok.

    Im not a complete noob, ive got some experience molding screens into dashes, (pics on request, but not time for that right now..) This screen has a tv tuner built in.. and an antenna on the top..

    For a little while the sound wasnt working at all, but i took it apart and it had grounded itself out, so i took care of that and i can get sound now..

    I tried hooking it up to my computer monitor to see if that would display on the screen, nope. Xbox wouldnt work either.

    Basically, can someone tell me how to get something to show up on the screen inside my house and not in the car? Thanks alot...

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    50+ views and nobody can help me? I just want to see something other than fuzz.


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      Well you didn't really tell us the symptoms. And starting off with "first day so i havent browsed too much" isn't the best way to start off with a post either. So you're getting fuzz like when you turn a tv on and its not hooked up to anything? Did you try changing the "video input" on it to computer? Or did you hook the computer up and leave it on tuner mode?

      Think about wanna hook up the screen inside the house which is 120V AC power. And you need 12v DC power. It should have came with a transformer that lets you do this. If not, get one. They're called wall warts sometimes.
      CarPC install is starting to come along again...


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        I figured you guys could tell me easily, since you all know so damn much about carputers and screens... sorry...

        Yes i changed the video input, still nothin showed.

        Guess theres no way to preveiw it now, ill just stick it in the car and hope its good. Thanks anyway.

        BTW.. where in arkansas u from? I used to live in Perryville..