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    G'day All.

    I have a reasonably unique problem.

    I want the PDA running Pocket PC with a larger touch screen - Need to run OziExplorer.

    I need to build a box that will run Pocket PC - Preferably with no HDD. This is a 4x4 Application so needs to be tough.

    Any Ideas?


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    ok - leme see if I understand this...

    you want to be able to run a PDA as a car computer, but you want to be able to plug it into a larger screen? do you already have the pda? there are some PDAs out there (I believe) that will let you hook up to VGA....I know the Dell Axim X50v is a VGA screen, might be able to use that

    VGA-Out Support with optional VGA Presentation Bundle
    You can find it here:

    so you just want to use the memory off of the PDA, and not a hard drive? so i take it you want to use cf or sd for your storage?

    what else are you wanting to do with this set-up? is it just going to be used for GPS/navi?
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      I'd try Colorgraphics, they used to make excellent VGA out cards for PPCs. Go to
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        Sorry guys for any confusion.

        I have an XDAII theres no way I know to get the output to a larger screen. So I would not go there.

        The ideal alternative is a car 'puter running winCE or Pocket PC. No HDD.

        Its not about the SD card although that would be cool and easy.

        It needs to be WinCE because OziExplorer is the best GPS Mapping s'ware for outback/bush travel. The CE version has a fantastic touch screen interface. The PC version is OK but IMHO the WinCE version is better 'incar'.


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          Originally posted by alfabob
          I'd try Colorgraphics, they used to make excellent VGA out cards for PPCs.
          Looked at it. Requires a CF slot and doesn't allow touch screen feedback to the PDA. I don't think a PDA extension is the answer.

          A solid state 'PC' with a XScale or other PDA processor running WinCE would be Ideal.