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  • My carPC project

    I have been reading on this board and others for about a month. I feel like I have most of the problems figured out save for a few. I hve tried searching for what I am looking for and found some things but they were not posted a fashion I can understand. So please no flame I would just like answers.

    1. I have 2 computer layouts I am looking into, 1 is a mini-ATX Epia setup using a 90W Opus PSU and the other is a Athlon mobile setup using about 250W AC PSU. I like the way the OPUS does everything but I would like to have the expandabilityof the Athlon setup because of my background with desktop computers. Since I wanting to do the Athlon setup more ATM, I was wanting to know my options as far as PSUs go. I know I could get an inverter and wire up the com port and some relays to turn it on and off with the IGN key, but I dont know how(Yes I searched). I have found wiring diagrams and such on this site but I need a sort of parts list and then I could probably figure out the wiring diagram.

    2. I have read that road vibration will not kill a HDD, but what about bas from a sub woofer? I have a JLAudio 13.5w6v2 and I wanted to put everything in the trunk but I dont want to kill my HDD. Could someone please shed some light on this.

    3. I plan on stealth mounting a Slimline drive in my dash, but I hvae not figured out how to make a cable long enough to connect it to the computer. I was wondering if the following would work.

    slimline -> IDE adapter -> external drive connections -> USB2.0 -> computer

    I dont know if there is an easier way, if so plese let me know.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for helping a CarPC n00b out

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    As far as PSU goes, get the 150w Opus. It will handle the athlon mobiles plus whatever you throw at it. I have this setup with just about every device you could think of hooked up and 150w is plenty.


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      thats pretty much how the DVD works. you need to convert the drive to USB, and run a USB cable from dash to trunk.

      IMO, vibration is vibration, whether its caused by the road surface or a sub. I would worry more about the huge magnet.

      BTW, the EPIA is mini ITX (I'm sure you knew that... )
      My first carPC!
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      Celeron 633MHz - 10GB Seagate - 64MB PC100 - Win XP

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        sorry I was typing right after I woke up this morning, yes mini not micro. sorry.

        well I was needing about 220w from a PSU, but if the 150w opus will work
        then great.

        I will post my Athlon specs when IO get home and see if the 150 will still be a good choice.

        Also, for the case being close to the sub, how could I shield the PC from the subs magnetic field?


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