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Auxilary on bose nissan 01 Head unit

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  • Auxilary on bose nissan 01 Head unit

    Hi folks,

    I guess I could pull out my sterio (1hour job) and find this out. But does anyone know if the factory head unit (a bose) for nissan maxima 01 (00-03), with cassette and cd player has an additional input I could use for auxillary (mp3). Also are there any adapters for this input to hook up to my iPOD.

    Thanks for your help

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    might be helpfull, but dunno
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      There is really only this one anymore:

      (Alpine Changer Interface, then you need to purchase the Alpine AI-NET to RCA adapter to get the rca inputs)... Fairly expensive though... (like $100 for the change interface, then $20 for the AI-NET to RCA adapter)...

      Someone over at was making something similar (AUX RCA -> Changer Input) and selling them, but his site is no longer up...

      Here's that thread...

      EDIT: Apparently PAC makes one too... and it costs around $80


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        who is PAC

        hi, i looked at your 2 sources above they seem to be out of stock. who is PAC? I can't believe that something seemingly so simply could be so hard to find.

        Thanks again for your help.