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  • Need an idea of how to setup

    So i got my Xenarc 7" TS and Xenarc MP-SC1 and changed the CPU to a P3 1.3 Ghz and brought the ram up to 512mb. I have a wifi g and bluetooth USB dongle and a bluetooth GPS unit. All the software is set on it and the PC part is eas yfor me cuz I've been in PCs for over 12 years! The problem I'm having is running power to it while it's in the car. I've read that it needs 60w/12V @ 5a continuous and i've heard about the crank issues etc...

    My questions are as follows:

    1. To get the PC to boot whether the car is on or in accessory what do i need to attach to the MP-SC1?

    2. If I cannot attach anything to it because of the lack of ATX connection within it, can I simply plug in a 12V @ 5a regulating air power supply (for laptops) and plug it to my 12V cigarette lighter like I do my cell phone and still have the same effects?

    3. How can i get my Xenarc TS screen to auto-load with the PC when the car is started or in accessory?

    That should be it thanks.
    99 Grand Prix Grand Tigress
    Liliput 8in TS
    845GVD MITX w/ 2.4 Mobile P4M (478 MB)
    60GB 2.5" HDD
    MS MN-710 WifiG
    BT Deluo lite GPS
    IrDa PS/2 Keyboard
    Win XP SP2
    IGuidance 4.0
    Zots day skin
    Proscan 4.0
    (100% Complete!)