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    I was wondering where the best place to mount the computer was. I was thinking about mounting it in the glovebox so its easy to access. I also saw some people placing it under seats. I was wondering how this worked out for people and if there were any better places. I dont want to mount in the trunk because i plan to add extra items that i will need physical access to the computer for.

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    i did mine in the glove box and i like it so all cables are behind the dash, and i have a nice big reset button on the case lol so if i locks up i just open it and hit it.

    If you got the space in the glove box i say go for it.
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      It all depends on you, your car, and your needs. I could tell you where I would put it, which would be in the trunk. I can't think of anything that would require physical access to the computer but obviously you can.

      You also have to think of size. You can concievably build a machine that will fit where your radio is right now (I have some familiarity with civics), or you could build one much cheaper that would only fit under the front seat.

      Now think about airflow and heat. If you stuff a P4 in your glovebox with no ventilation you'll fry it in about 14.7 seconds in the summer during bootup.

      The moral of the story is that there is no "best place" to mount a carputer. I've had 3 in the trunk, 1 inside some body panels, and 1 in a specially designed center console. Your options are literally endless.
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        now for in the glove box, how would it be set up? i'm thinking just laying it in there would be a bad thing. would some sort of mounting bracket to hold it into place. just shooting out ideas. also the 'puter would be running a 2.5 laptop harddrive... has anybody had problems with roadbumps ruining the hdd?


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          I'd put it in a small case [shameless plug]like the one in my sig[/shameless plug] or the casetronic case (which you have to buy special low profile ram for), and then mount the case in the glovebox.

          If you can afford it, I'd go for one of the casetronic case

          it's smaller, and the whole thing acts like a big ole heatsink
          Debt as of 1/1/05: $34,354.48
          Debt as of July 4, 2007: $0.00 explanation
          I'M DEBT FREE!!
          I'm now a reasonably successful gunblogger.


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            Okay, I'll say it. Search using terms like "glovebox" or "glove compartment" and "install". I just did and got results for 187 threads with those terms. Many of them are likely to discuss the issues associated with this type of install.

            Also, check the "completed projects" forum for pics of glove compartment installs.
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              i put mine under my seat (pics in my sig), but it depends on the size of your computer and how it's set up.
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