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  • HP E-Vectra board

    hey folks, long time lurker, brand new member here and i got a question. How do I put a computer in my car? Can someone give me specific, step by step, illustrated directions? No? good, cuz answering that would be equally as retarded as my asking it. Anyway, onto my real question. Has anyone here worked with the HP E-vectra in their setups?
    I love the size and shape of the case, but what I want to know is what motherboard is there. Actually, I'd really rather know what size it is, and if it's possible to stick an mATX athlon in that piece. So, ignoring the rant, I'm asking about the actual form factor, and if anyone has switched out the board/chip before. BTW, google was no help either.
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    I have used it, it was great. It is a special motherboard made just for that machine and they are only take intel chips from what I have seen.

    without cutting some major holes in it and using a external power supply you wont be able to get a diffrent board in it.

    my only complaint about the unit was that it has no PCI

    Edit: also they run off of a external power brick that puts out 19volts at 3.2 amps
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