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Remote On/OF Switch for an Inverter

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  • Remote On/OF Switch for an Inverter

    I want to extend the On/Off switch on my inverter. I would like to keep the already built in ON/OFF switch on my inverter where it is, but use an additional switch to replicate that function. I would prefer for it to run about 12 feet long (from the trunk to my dash). I will solder the wire to the leads on the already pre-installed On/Off switch on my inverter. So what I would like to know is, what gauge wire should I use to connect to the remote switch? Im assuming, the thinner the better. Would a 22 or 24 Gauge wire be alright? Also, what kind of switch should I use? Would a Normaly-Open Momentary Switch rated at 3 Amps be good for this?

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    I have a vector 400W invertor and I got some cat3 6pair wire and moved the LED controls to the front of the car, and it works with no problems at all.


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      I dont have any LED controls. I just wanted an On/Off switch in the front of the dash. Also, I dont want to move the built-in On/Off Switch. I would prefer to use an additional switch. Thats why I was wondering if the wire and switch I mentioned would be okay for this.


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        If I were you, I would use a relay and look at the guage of wire that is being used by the original power switch and use that size. also, is your original switch a momentary switch?


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          Why not just leave the inverter switch permanently on but have the power wire going to the inverter controlled by a relay that is connected to a switch on your dash. This way you wouldn;t even have to pull the inverter apart.. Need to make sure the relay can handle the amps.
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            I prefer soldering a switch onto the already built-in switch. As this wouldnt require any relays or fuses or a 30 Amp switch.