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Opus alternatives?

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  • Opus alternatives?

    So the Opus is expensive, if I got a mini-atx board and built a custom case, could I use this power supply?

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    For a low end P3/celeron mATX maybe but i don't think so. Why not look here:
    for more details and if you are going to buy it support the mp3car site as you are getting priceless information for free from it


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      the m1-atx works great in my setup. see sig for specs - all running off an m1. as long as the cpu draws power from the 5 volt line you should be fine. so no high end athlons or p4's, but as mentioned a p3 or celeron based system should be fine. I read somewhere that other than the 12 volt line the m1 can handle as much as an opus 150 , you might want to verify that though.
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        Ok, I will definately get it from this site. Now about motherboards, there are only 2 listed on this site. What is the big difference, other than $55?