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  • pushing the power envelope?

    Spent a few days reading and searching the forum...finally decided on this system. According to a power calculator I used, I need somewhere around 170 watts, but perhaps it's using obsolete data and not letting me luck out?

    -7" Lilliput
    -Opus 150watt Shuttle PSU
    -Shuttle XPC SN41G2 V3
    -PC2100 256mb DDR
    -AMD AthlonXP 1900 (apparently this is the lowest power-consuming proc around that meets my speed needs, compared to P4 and other AMD - correct?)
    -120GB 7200 3.5" HD
    -Wifi card (PCI)
    -FM tuner (USB)
    -Slimline external DVD drive (USB - solely USB powered)
    -Bluetooth (USB)
    -Audigy 2 NX (USB)
    -GPS mouse (serial port)


    Switch around the Audigy and Wifi so that Audigy is PCI and Wifi is USB


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    Why not use a mobile processor? You can use them just fine. Any of the mobile processers of similer speed to the desktop counterparts would work fine. I think they only consume something like 40 watts which is a deal lower than a desktop one and they run cooler too!


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      Definitly get the Audigy in PCI if your going to using it for input as well as output.

      I think the OPUS should handle that fine I run a very similar setup and it really only averages around 90 watts. You would be best off going with a mobile athlon as has been suggested already.

      Which DVD drive are you using that just uses USB. I haven't seen any DVD drives that were solely USB powered? Developer (I am Chuck)
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        It's not the watts that will kill you its the Amps. Opus 150W on the 12v rail is around 6-6.5 A peak if I remember correctly. 10A on the 5v rail.

        Your lilliput will be on the 12V rail = 1A alone!

        Check how many amps your CPU will need. Some use 4-5 amps. So as you see your 12v rail can be almost maxed just with your CPU and your lilliput.

        3.5 Hard drive will split on both 12V and 5V rail but not a ton on the 12v.

        Audigy will be on the 5V, but the PCI Audigy will be on 12v (i believe)

        I went with a USB Wifi as well as the Audigy NX because there are 10 amps avail on the 5v line.

        My GPS is also on the 5v as well.

        Basically the challange is to keep as much off the 12v rail, that is where DC-DC power supplies are the weakest.


        -Slimline external DVD drive (USB - solely USB powered)

        This will not work, you will need power from the 5v rail. Others have tried to run USB ONLY powered DVD players, they either dont power up or run spiratically. You will need to use the 5v rail from the Opus as well to power it if you choose a slim line drive.

        Hope this helps
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