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ML8000... Slow? POS? some help please

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  • ML8000... Slow? POS? some help please

    I bought a via ML-8000 with a M1 power supply, using 256mb ram and a 40gig 3.5 fireball3 hard drive.

    Having troubles running all most anything on it, Tried normal XP pro and it seemed to work ok if I was just clicking around on the desktop and such. Load times of some programs were slow but it loaded.
    Then I tried XP MCE2005, it was abou the same until you used the Media. It worked but man its very very very slow.
    Then tried nlite with XP MCE2005, it was a little bit faster. I think because there wasn't alot running in the back ground... But Still not good enough for everday use....

    I really like the users interface of MCE but can't deal with really slow load times and no dvd viewing in MCE (had to load a very old version of windvd to watch a dvd outside of MCE)

    Any help to get me going in the right direction would be greatfull.
    Is it a OS thing or a MB thing?

    Thanks Bmo

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    Its combination of both, Eden CPUs are just not designed for software like MCE. Take a look around for replacements, I can recommend MediaPortal or (commercial but great) GotAllMedia for WinXP, or some Linux alternatives, some are very mature Freevo or MythTV.


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      thanks for the info and links...
      I did try media portal and I like the interface(just like MCE) but dvd playback was almost none.
      I think that I am just going to have to eat this motherbaord and upgrade to something faster and better. Only been a week or so with this board.

      I'll try the others too...

      Thanks again


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        Something weird...
        Well I installed Windvd ver.4 When using Windows media player I can watch a dvd just fine now(using the windvd codecs). If I use the Windvd app it plays but very choppy. If I try it in MCE it says that there is no decoder. I guess that its really pushing the cpu/gpu....