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My first carputer: Need Suggestions / Comments

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  • My first carputer: Need Suggestions / Comments

    This is a little long but I am trying to be as thorough as possible to avoid multiple, useless posts. Please don't let your ADD get in the way.

    Here is my carputer that I am planning. Please comment on the parts I have chosen and let me know if you have any recommendations.

    Also, am I missing anything?


    C134 Mini-ITX Case Black $140.00
    I want to use this case because it is small enough to fit in my center console in my 2000 GrandAM or even to replace my radio altogether. It includes the DVD and HDD cables / adapters and a 60W DC Powersupply. The major downside is that I can only use 0.8” memory.

    CarNetix CNX-P1260 12V DC-DC regulator $84.99
    This is a preregulater for my powersupply to give it a consistent voltage and help survive crank. It also gives me a shutdown timer and low battery monitor.

    VIA EPIA M10000 (1 GHz C3 CPU - Nehemiah) 1DDR 1394 Mini-ITX $149.99
    I’m not totally sure why I picked this motherboard. Any other suggestions would be very welcomed.

    512MB 266MHZ DDR REG ECC LOW PROFILE KVR266X72RC25L/512D $159.00
    I would really like to have 512MB of memory in my carputer and this was the only 0.8” memory I could find in a 512MB size. I have heard random reports (but cant find them now) that 1.2” standard “low profile” memory will work in the C134, can anybody suggest anything different?

    Hitachi/IBM 80GB 5400RPM 2.5” Hard drive HTS548080M9AT00 $128.00
    Laptop to IDE Hard Drive Adapter $9.99
    I have a lot of CD’s and need a lot of storage space. I will also want a lot of space for GPS maps and games (I plan on loading MAME) and for ripped DVD’s.

    Linksys® Wireless-G USB Network Adapter $59.99
    This will be to connect to my home network for easy file sharing and also for email checking while on the road (I love Panara bread and Starbucks).

    Panasonic CW-8124-B Slim Slot Load DVD/CD-RW Combo Drive $84.95
    My optical drive to give me movie support, software installation and also the random CD that I might want to listen to. I went for a slot load because I don’t want to break the tray.

    Lilliput 7" VGA TFT Touchscreen Monitor $279.99
    I chose this monitor because it has a great price and has been used a lot in other projects.

    Kenwood EZ500 CD/MP3/WMA Receiver $169.99
    I chose this head unit because it has a rear aux-input for the easy and high quality connection of my carputer. This will be a very large step up from my current radio. In the future when I am ready it has 2 preamp outs so that I can setup a sub amp as well as a separate amp for my speakers, then I can hook my carputer up to that amp.

    Total cost = $1268 USD including headunit
    Total cost = $1098 USD w/o headunit

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    If your going to try and map out costs add a 50-100 doller buffer for "unforseen" costs...
    Progress [I will seriously never be done!]
    Via EPIA MII
    512MB RAM
    OEM GPS (embedded)
    nLite WinXP pro on
    1GB Extreme III CF card
    Carnetix 1260 startup/ DC-DC regulator
    Software: Still, re-Writing my existing front end in .Net


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      Good plan. I also didn't include shipping in there.


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        use the carnetix1280...this way you also get 5 volt out of it too incase you want to power anything 5 volt.
        i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!