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  • Merry everyone

    Hello everyone,
    My name's elmo, come from a modifying club...

    Have an interest in "in car entertainment", i currently only have a company car but am planning on getting a project car later in the year

    i would be planning a Boot PC, connecting to a 7" lilliput screen into a reformed dash with USB headers, GPS (for sat nav), DVD, MP3 etc etc etc

    just found this site and it looks like it could be everything i need to get started

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Glad to have you on board
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      Hi Elmo! Welcome!
      Do you have any parts yet?
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        Originally posted by Cris
        Hi Elmo! Welcome!
        Do you have any parts yet?
        NOT AT ALL!

        im still saving the project car... its not just the CarPuter i wanna do
        im planning on the full chrome engine works, window tints and dropping the motor down a few CMs... THEN moving onto the computer

        I think i shall be using my current PC (and a new CPU) for the base system, currently its a Athlon 800 but the board will hold a 2K that will do for my needs, 384 Mb RAM in 128 + 256 chips, 20GB + 40GB HDDs, 100mb LAN card, DVD ROM, CD-Rewriter, graphics card is knacked so right now using the on-board

        Been making my shopping list:
        7" lilliput T/S
        2 USB Headers
        GPS Receiver
        NEW CPU

        Have a few contacts through that should be able to help with the fibreglass work on the dash, not really bothered about keeping head unit as im also planning on having a DVD RW set directly underneath the screen, which will handle all my needs for DVD, CDs... Planning on two USB ports in a panel underneath DVD drive that will allow me to plug my MP3 Player / Digital Camera in as both can be used as removable drives, this panel should also host the power on/off

        big plans i know but its what i want... and i SHALL have it done

        AND HAVNT DECIDED IF I SHALL WRITE MY OWN SOFTWARE OR NOT! - The UK's best modified car club (With lots of 16/17/18 year olds for scouse to abuse)


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          I don't know if you have looked at power supplys but check out the opus 90w and 150w they are excellent power supplies that can withstand engine cranking. There are a couple other good ones around here too.
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