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noob is this feasable????

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  • noob is this feasable????

    i have a shuttle sff that i kind of use as a laptop combined with a viewsonic airpanel. i want to use it as a carputer. i have just spent the last 3 hrs reading the pros and cons of inverters vs dc to dc.

    my solution is good 5 to 6 hundred watt inverter, conected to a 500 va / 300 watt ups. this i think would clean up the signal a bit. and software with the ups would shut down the puter after the key is off.

    when the key is turned on i have a start the puter if usb is attatched.

    i would do the dc to dc, but i want to be able to pull the shuttle out of the trunk. and use it elseware.

    i am fighting screen choice, lillyput 7 " wide vs 8" 4:3 any coments about that would be apreciated.

    rx-8, vstrom
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