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  • newbie power question

    Today I ordered my Xeranc 700IDT and Monday I will order my c134.

    But my project calles for some power needs I don't understand. I will be attaching a 250 gig firewire drive and also a Sound Blaster Audigy. How do I power these with the ability to have them turn of with the ignition or time delaeyed after ignition shut off. Prefferable timedelayed as th c134 also has this ability. Is it even possible? Does someone make a product like this?

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    Welcome to the forum!!

    We make a solution for your. Our CNX-P1280 (sold here on can power your C134 and your Audigy. Is the Audigy a USB (2NX)? If so, the P1280 will provide power for the existing power supply in the C134 and provide a +5V/3Amp output for the Audigy. Check it out HERE.

    Have fun!!


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      Thanks. I am glad I found this place. Lots of good info!

      Is this solution only for the c134 or for any itx based power pc? I found another I am considering because I think I may need a more powerful pc for all the music and movies there will be on it/. And from the looks of the diagram it handles the power on/off for the pc as well even though the pc can do that?

      I sounds like a good solution for the usb devices but what about things like a firewire drive? Is there a solution for this. There must be, after all people put plasmas in their car. LOL


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        maybe if I tell you what I want you can tell me what I need.

        Pc choices: c134 or this

        USB hub to run wireless adaptor for file trabsfers from house

        Audigy 2nx

        2 100 watt amps

        Xenarc 700idt monitor

        within 2 months another monitor

        I want to have it all turn on when the ignition goes on and when the ignition is off I sould be able to delay shut for at least 30 minutes. I would also like some protection that if that battery hets to low it will all shut down.

        So aside from the above, what do I need to make it happen?

        Thanks in advance. I don't mean to be a pain but it's how I learn


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          I don't mean to be a pain but it's how I learn
          You're not a pain. You've posted in the Newbie forum! You can't be a pain here...that's what it's for!
          Pc choices: c134 or this
          The C134 is a case made by Travla. It's very popular and typically can accomodate a mini-ITX motherboard such as the VIA M10000. This is a very good system and will do most of what you will need (MP3, GPS, WiFi, XM, etc) at a moderate cost. This is the system I have in my car. We build the CNX-P1260 or P1280 to work with this +12V system and it includes a startup/shutdown controller so that it can
          turn on when the ignition goes on and when the ignition is off
          and will allow you to
          delay shut for at least 30 minutes
          if you want to upload/download via wifi when you arrive in your garage. It also has a battery monitor which provides you with
          some protection that if that battery hets to low it will all shut down.
          The P1280 includes a secondary +5V output sot that you can power your Audigy 2NX (Audigy's power adapter is rated at +5V/1.5Amps). The P1280 includes a DelayOn remote enable control circuit for your
          2 100 watt amps
          so that you don't get a loud "thump" when you turn on the CarPC. It also "survives crank" which means you can stop, then restart your engine without crashing the CarPC.

          The Cappucino SP620 (actually built by Sumicom) on the other hand requires a +19V input. Next month we will be shipping the CNX-P1900 for this type of application. It is designed to handle these P4 systems and includes the same feature as the P1280 (ie startup/shutdown controller, secondary output for either +5V USB devices, or +12V for your screen, and crank survival).

          I hope this is helpful! Good luck!


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            That really helps. But tell me this, if I go with p4 system can I still use the 1280 to power Audigy, and the usb hubs, and the amps. The pc already has all the settings for ingnition on and off and delays. Just one more question.. will the 1280 also allow me to power my usb hub and dash monitor and Overhead monitor? As I will have several usb devices I think a powered head is the best idea.