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Mounting hard drive flat rather than upright

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  • Mounting hard drive flat rather than upright

    I am about to build a console for my car and part of that console will probably house my laptop inside of it.

    However, the laptop needs to sit flat like it were on a table. Now I read over and over about how to keep the HDD upright.

    Well, i understand why it is being said but in the following installation technique, would it still be manditory?---

    The laptop would be installed inside of a case which is a part of the console. The casing in which it is inside of is layered inside and out with sound deadening material then fabricated.
    The laptop itself would be completely surrounded, by means of laying on, surrounded and pressured on top of itself with thick foam preventing any possible vibrations from reaching the laptop. Basically making it sit in "heaven".

    Attaching foam to the case(Any comments about heat dissipation is already taken care of so no ideas are required) then being able to just open it up on top, hit power, close it and it be fully enclosed again in foam environment.

    The whole HDD thing is about vibration so I am just confirming that this method would be fine, yes?

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    The HDD in my install sits flat due to the lack of space and I haven't had any problems with it at all.

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      It should be fine. I too have had my HDD sitting like _ with no problems, however once I moved my case it was easier to have it like | so that's how it's now sitting.

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        I've had mine bolted to "L" brackets and then to a piece of wood, horizontal in the trunk for close to a year. No problems so far. Your mileage may vary.
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