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Power Questions and OBDII

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  • Power Questions and OBDII

    Hey everyone,
    I had a few questions before I start pulling up carpet in the minivan. :-P

    Everyone talks about 12v DC-DC converters/inverters? I thought Towers wer epowered form 120v? Wouldn't you need a 12v-120v adapter? Or does this simple swap the current power supply out of my tower, with a 12v one? I'm kind of confused about this whole situation.

    OBDII port. How can I determine if my 1995 minivan has one? How does one interface this to a PC? I've look on the mp3car store, and ebay but can't find a real-time converter. Any help?

    73 de KB3LXF

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    the 12V to 12V converters will replace your pc's power supply...whereas an inverter will go from the cars 12v up to 120, then the power supply goes back down to the 12V that the PC needs to operate. Its just an efficiency thing. Some people run inverters and have great success.

    If its a 95, it isnt *required* to have OBD-2, but it may. Look for the OBD2 port under the dash near the steering wheel. You may also want to phone the dealership to make certain, they can tell you better than anyone if it can be scanned by OBD-2. For example, a lot of 95 Fords had the connector there but it was unused and did nothing.
    2005 Ford Focus ST