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Questions on In-Dash LCD Monitor Hook Up for a Beginner

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  • Questions on In-Dash LCD Monitor Hook Up for a Beginner

    I purchased an In-Dash LCD Monitor (Composite). Its just the monitor, with no stereo reciever/cd player or anything. I want to hook it up to the empty din slot I have below my radio. I never ever messed around with behind the radio or behind the dash, so this is all new to me. I guess you can say Im a total beginner when it comes to audio/video configurations. My first question is, how can I hook this Monitor up? Unfortunately, the little booklet that came with this monitor does not help. Since the LCD monitor is going to be used for composite video only, and not sound, Im not sure how I would hook this up. Is there a simple add-on attatchment harness connector that will allow me to connect the harness on this monitor and tap onto the harness that connects to the radio? I would prefer this over splicing wires and connecting it. Also, would I need any fuses or anything?
    The monitor runs off the car's 12V Power. I plan on using this LCD monitor for my Xbox. I would plug the L/R RCA Audio cables of the Xbox into my CD Changer Aux-In adapter. However, how would I run the Video part of the RCA cable, all the way to the front of the dash, into the LCD Monitor? More specifically, what kind of cable would I need and what kind of connector would I need to connect the (short) RCA video cable from the Xbox, to the extension Video Cable that I would need, which would connect to the Monitor? Sorry if this all sounds a little confusing. Also, are there any other hints and tips that I should know when working on this configuration on the Passat? By the way, here is a link to the same type of screen I purchased:

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    You only need to hook up the video cable (1 of 3) as stated to the monitor. Go to Radio Shack (or equivalant) and get a RCA cable that would be the length you need(Xbox to CD) and then you could possible reach the video jack with the same cable. If not just jumper to the monitor from the CD with a single wire RCA. Also you will probably need a male to male adapter for the X box end or a cable with male on one end and female on the other.