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Now a front end question?

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  • Now a front end question?

    So I tried Windows Media Center- to sluggish

    Beyond Media- good but quirky

    My main need is hard drive based dvds. I need a front end that will play either VOB files or can load ISO files and play them.

    Any suggestions?

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    iso files are compressed aren't they? Probably the best way to play a dvd is just to copy over the video_ts directory and play it directly from there.. maybe make a play list of dvds stored on your hard drive. I tried to play some dv d's on my epia 800 but it's a little slow..
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      DVD Conversion

      I have a great solution that can cut your DVD movies down as small as 600 megs and still keep very high quality.
      This is what I use, The default settings are actually poor quality, but if you crank the settings up all the way to the highest quality and resolution, you will never go past 600 megs. I like the Palm pilot version as it saves the files as an AVI file and you can play them on your pc. All you do in the program is click the open DVD button and then select your settings and click on Start and away it goes. Makes cool DVD movies for palm pilots too.
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        RatDVD is a new program which, once the DVD is decrypted, puts all the files into one which is smaller than all of them together. The good part is that all the menus and extras are kept and once the codec is installed, you can just use WMP to play it.