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Power Inverter/Case mounting

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  • Power Inverter/Case mounting

    OK, I'm going to build a carputer. I decided on it. It's a bit more pricey than I would of hoped for, but I have a feeling Ican make it work, as long as I purchase compnents over time. Here's my first dillema though. I am bidding on a power inverter. 12v-120v. 400 watt, with a 1200 watt peak. I'm going with this method because I'd like to use it to charge my laptop as well. So here's my question: What would you think is a practical mounting scheme?

    I drive a 1995 dodge caravan. I usually ride w/ the middle seat out, to give my passengers more leg room. I was thinking of mounting the PC in the very back, like where the hatch is. However, I realized to run my display, keyboard, and mouse cords would be quite long. I am going to be going with a full sized tower, and would like to keep it moderatly hidden. I'm kind of freaked out about being robbed now, but I want to proceed anyways. The PC I'm planning on using is a vertical tower, but if I install the middle seat, and install it sideways underneath that seat, would that be likely to cause problems? I've never had to deal with such computer issues before, as ususally they just sit at the side, gathering dust.

    Also, how would you mount the power inverter? I was thinking under driver's seat, with a power-strip on the side of my seat for consumer electronics, and the other outlet being used to power the PC.

    Next question: Just wanna see if this is a respectable "Starter" setup. I plan on adding onto it eventually. Webcam at the rear, for rear-view backup.

    And of course, I plan on adding it to the sound system of my car. I'm talking to my brother about purchasing some his old equipment.

    So far my main money concern is installing some sort of display. Has anyone sucessfully used a monitor? I don't want to hack apart my dash, at least too much, in case I decide to sell this later. What are some cheap display alternatives? So far, all I've got is a VGA output.

    OK, and finally some computer specs.
    HP pavilion w 30gig hd, 128 mb of ram (is going to be upgraded in next 2 weeks), w/ all the ports I need. It is running Mandrake linux 10.1, with some minor difficulty. hopefully more RAM can fix this.

    Sorry if it seems like I'm ranting. I'm just kind of letting myself go. No-one else thins I should do this. I eventually want to add GPS, and 802.11g, and use it as a neato war driving machine, GPS navigation, and for on-the-road internetting. I was planning on adding a touchpad, and a small USB keyboard for mobile netting. Also, was planning on getting a "HUGE" center console, for minivans only, to install alot of keyboard/touchpad/monitor stuff too.

    OK, last-last question. Promise.
    Has anyone interfaced a TX radio before? I'm a ham radio operator, and would like to see some cool mods for operating with my 2 meter rig. I'm thinking of doing APRS, and maybe some mobile-packet-radio. Anyone with ideas?