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Carputer system for a boat...

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  • Carputer system for a boat...

    I'm intereted in building a carputer, thats the easy part... the harder part is that I need a BRIGHT screen that will not wash out in direct sunlight...
    I do have a hard top on my boat that has a electronics box and thats is where I would like to mount the puter & screen... kind of like the in dash units but one that flips down instead of up... touchscreen for mouse control...
    Also is there carputer video outputs that are just that, video output, instead of VGA because I have seen lots of cool monitors that are video & not VGA... OR is there a great way to convert a video monitor to VGA input??

    . (what a cool cartoon icon... I digress)

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated

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    Wouldn't this be a boatputer? Video (non VGA) would be too blurry for boatputer use, you need one of the high bright output touchscreen monitors, quite pricey though!
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      there have been some marine LCDs mentioned on here () with daylight viewing and weatherproof (water spray aint gonna do much for a regular LCD we use in carPCs) but they were very expensive.

      You could make a simple flip down housing for an 8" VGA or summit as if it is in your roof it could be ok jsut make sure you protect it from spray but provide cooling.


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        Direct sunlight readability is big bucks. The monitors you see talked about on here are not adequate for that use. You might consider using a vacuum fluorescent display for essential info.
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          O.k. educate me about vacuum fluorescent displays...


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            A bright (1400 nits) 8.4 inch touch screen costs about $2000.


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              just make a lil shade box over the screen........
              the cheap way to go would be made out of an old cereal box and duct tape i suppose


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                The daylight readable VGA screens that Diebold uses in the new ATMs add $8000 to the cost of the ATMs that we buy from them.

                so there's that.
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