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  • Get surround sound?

    Hi All,

    Have done about half an hours searching and haven't come up with much on here or

    I am runnin WMP10, and will be using it to watch DVD's in the car. Only problem is, the audio will only come through to the front amp when playing standard stereo MP3/WMA files.

    I am currently trying CircleSurround from SRS, but it needs to be re-enabled on every song to keep it in the mono mode. This basically reproduces the sound on all 5.1 channels so they are all the same volume. There are other modes there as well but I only want a mono reproduction.

    I thought about some dodgy design with a switchbox and Y splitter for the amps which is what I'll probably end up with if I can't find a solution, just thought someone else on the forums would have come across this sort of thing before.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Fine. I will go for the switchbox then. CS II from SRS is very annoying, and DFX didn't work very well without a serial code.